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  • pre wedding photography by photographians candid wedding photographers
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  • Indian wedding photography by photographians Indian wedding photographers

Wedding photographers in Kolkata & Bangalore, India

We are a boutique Indian Candid Wedding Photography studio based out of Kolkata and Bangalore, India. We are often regarded as one of the top wedding photography studios in Kolkata and in eastern India. We provide best-in-class experience in wedding photography, wedding cinematography, save the date, pre and post wedding and portrait photography. We specialize in candid, fine-art wedding photography along with documentary-style storytelling. We are passionate to tell wedding story in the most sophisticated way that lasts forever in the memory. We create original, beautiful, creative, emotional and meaningful wedding stories using a combination of wedding photography and the wedding cinematography. Each one of us is storytellers and we create the comprehensive story centered around you and your better half, a story that becomes a legacy in your family for generations to come.
If you are super excited about your wedding and believe that your wedding day will be the most important day of your life, if you think that you will be super proud to tell your wedding story to your children and grandchildren, you are at the right place. We are truly in love with what we do. We would love to be part of your wedding and witness the most important days of your life. We would love to laugh and cry with you. We believe you are the star of your wedding and we ensure that you get the experience while flipping your wedding album. Not random posed photos, neither the random candid shots, we tell stories with photography that is meaningful to you and something that you will be always proud of, to showcase to your future generation. We present you with the best wedding photography experience that you can think of.

Seasoned professionals & candid wedding photographers

We boast of having some of the best candid wedding photographers in the team. We are driven by love, passion, enthusiasm. Most importantly we love weddings and so wedding photography is the natural choice for us. When we look back, we see this as one of the most beautiful decisions we have ever taken.
Two of them are members of prestigious “fearless photographers”, one of them is members of WPAI. Three times we were among the top 50 photographers in WPOY by “Better Photography” magazine. Once we were in the finalist for the POY by “Better Photography”.
Our team consists of artists who are also software architect, design engineers, MBA, teacher, writer etc. Having such diversified professional backgrounds really help in a wedding in many aspects. Some of them are professionalism, commitment, discipline, quality, communication, sentiment, understanding the people (precisely the bride, groom and family), teamwork etc. This is one of the key differentiators beside the state of the art photography and film.

We believe in continuous improvement. Every year we invest heavily in learning from different masters. We have attended some of the most significant workshops by most influential photographers and artists.

Wedding Photography Galleries


Sananda & Avishek

Romila & Yogendra

Bhagi & Staci

More than just candid wedding photography

A candid photography is a beautiful process of making photographs of the subject in natural set up, sometimes without subject’s knowledge. Everyone is beautiful and most of the bride or groom we have worked with were not models. We are ninja trained in documentary photography and “candid” is natural to us. However, with time the meaning of the word “candid” got colored to the majority. Beside this, we discovered the areas that can be enhanced for even striking results. That is how our style got developed. Our style is simple, candid, elegant, artistic, genuine and most importantly timeless. Our approach to wedding photography is far broader than the candid and essentially we shoot all that is beautiful, important in time or space. We are equally focused on posed photos. We design candid moments. We observe the client, know him/her from the core and choreograph poses without losing the core characteristics.
Sounds complex? Wedding photography is a serious business and it is a complex process but we will be there to make it easy and fun for you.

Our philosophy

“Our philosophy is to provide world class services to the clients. Help our clients to relive the moments with realistic, original, creative, subtle yet strong visuals along with a state of the art storytelling technique. Be believe the wedding album should become the family legends.”

Indian Wedding Photography

Indian Candid Wedding Photography

We redefined the wedding photography since 2010. We are one of the pioneers in candid wedding photography in Kolkata, Eastern India.

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Indian Wedding Cinematography

Indian Wedding Cinematography

Wedding films aren’t just a series of motions captured, but they have the innate quality of expressing all the emotions that revolved around the entire event.

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Best wedding photographers in Kolkata, now also in Bangalore

Having the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, we love the chance to share the most anticipated, the most loved snapshot of your life, and we likewise really regard the duty that has been doled out to us to bring alive every single minute each time you flip through your wedding photography book.

Wedding day is the most critical day of your life. In this manner with a little care and a lot of exertion, it is essential to make it lovely. The day when you’re wedding happen ought to be in itself an extraordinary day what with the requirement for the absolute best of courses of action. Be that as it may, all the rushed arrangements for a wedding service ought not to eclipse the need of a decent photographer with a brilliant information of Indian wedding photography, who can help you to safeguard your wedding recollections.

Our thought on wedding photography

We believe weddings are not about feeding our own egos as photographers, but it is about creating meaningful artistic images that tell your story. It is a story that you would love share with your children and grandchildren.

Weddings are made in heaven but celebrated on earth. There is nothing perfect in the reality and all the imperfections are real, beautiful, gorgeous and are actually the most perfect. We acknowledge and appreciate it. So, this inspires us to find all the unseen beauties in your wedding. We unfold them with an original and unique perspective. We are a creative storyteller; we make the story keeping you in the center. Because on your wedding day you are the biggest star, you are the most important, everything that happens, happens around your, for you.

We try to witness selective yet exciting weddings, that include, multicultural weddings (such as, Hindu Jews wedding, Muslim and Hindu wedding, Brahmo wedding, Tamil Brahmin wedding, Telegu wedding, Christian wedding, Bengali Wedding), Palace wedding, destination wedding, beach wedding, bucolic wedding etc. We are in absolute love with the wedding. We don’t mind to travel across the world to witness your unique and special wedding. From big fat Indian wedding to a wedding in the backyard, we are equally passionate about it.

Specialized is Indian wedding photography

Through a lot of expertise and endless attempts, we recognize what it takes to catch the most excellent minutes of Indian wedding in the most wonderful way. Regardless of whether it’s a drop of tear in the lady of the hour’s mom’s eye or the progression the lady takes towards the husband, we comprehend the unpredictability of a real to life wedding picture takers in Kolkata and the specialty of catching the feelings, and not only the stances and grins. Two ways to deal with wedding photography are customary and photojournalistic. Many Indian wedding photographers will fall someplace in the middle of the extremes spoken to by these two depictions.

Photojournalist in wedding photography

Conventional wedding photography accommodates all the more traditionally postured pictures and a lot of photographic artist control amid the service. A Photojournalist takes its prompt from publication detailing styles and concentrates more on open pictures with little photographic artist cooperation; a wedding photojournalist ordinarily shoots pictures rapidly utilizing accessible light or on-camera streak as opposed to utilizing customary, formal posturing methods and studio lights. The Wedding Photojournalist Association was established in 2002 and is a global, enrolment based association committed to wedding photojournalism.

Creative team of wedding photographers in Kolkata, India

We might be a group of picture takers, however, it’s not just the details and the costly apparatuses that make us distinctive. We guarantee to sprinkle somewhat more joy to the snapshots of your unique day – and guarantee that you can remember those minutes each time you experience the photos. Every one of the pictures that you’ve seen on our Facebook/Instagram page or on our site depict the genuine emotions that we have caught over every one of these years.

Every one of us, related to photography, picked photography as a calling driven by the enthusiasm for craftsmanship as well as for the captivating encounters that every one of a kind weddings are made of. With years of experience and innumerable attempts, we recognize what it takes to catch the most profound feelings of one’s life in a lovely way. Your wedding photos would be one of a kind and like nobody else’s! We give you 100% affirmation for that. Since we take a gander at photography from an enthusiastic perspective, we cover each wedding in a special and particular way.

We work across the globe

We love to travel. We love to meet new people, explore the new culture, custom, cuisine and places. We have been to more than 20 different cities in India and outside of India for the work.

What our clients say
Even before our marriage dates were fixed, we started searching for best wedding photographers in google, someone whose eyes could see beyond what an ordinary person can see…”Chemistry beyond words”, “love that confesses only though eyes” and “desire of lifetime fulfilled”. Marriage are same for all but is special to the couple who are tied in the heavenly knot. We wanted someone who could really understand and capture the humility, excitement, happiness and charm….a moment we will cherish for lifetime…we started searching online and then Debasmita – a dear friend too mentioned about you. Loved your work and instantly felt it should be none but you guys and we were absolutely right about our decision. Each and every frames are beautiful and not overdone, real. Never knew we look so happy together. Thanks to Sagar and Newton you guys are the best.
Enakshi & Subho, New Delhi